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Monday, May 14, 2007

STOP at Queenstown, New Zealand

Surrounding Queenstown, there are 3 easily recognizable mountain ranges. They are The Remarkables with its Double Cone Peak at 2,343m, Cecil Peak at 1,974m and Walter Peak at 1,815m. They are shown in below photos as from left to right.

I have been in Queenstown across all four seasons and every time I have enjoyed its spectacular scenery. The weather, sunlight, clouds, water in the lake and even the trees, they all make this place very beautiful across the seasons. Do you see the red road sign in the middle of below photo? It shows “STOP” and that was what I did to enjoy the view and to capture it!

My New Zealand Vacation, Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, Pano20a
(click for larger photo)
This view was taken on a rather steep road in early winter
Steamer Wharf, where TSS Earnslaw docks, is behind the brown building on the left
Queenstown, Jun 2005

Queenstown is especially popular with tourists in summer and winter. There is no better season than summer to enjoy the activities that this Adventure Capital offers. If you are tramping into the national parks, kayaking, jetboating, bungee jumping, horse riding …. or joining the numerous tours, the fine weather in summer is best for these outdoor activities.

My New Zealand Vacation, Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, 2005Pano48
(click for larger photo)
View from the bay in early spring
Steamer Wharf is at the building on the extreme right
Queenstown, Sep 2005

If you visit Queenstown in summer for its spectacular scenery, then you may be a little disappointed as the mountains will be bare of snow as shown in bottom photo. It is still a scenic place but in my opinion, without the snow on the mountains, Queenstown lacks the wow(!) factor.

My favourite seasons to visit are mid-autumn (April), mid-late winter (Jul-Aug) and early-mid spring (Sep-Oct).

My New Zealand Vacation, Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, Pano49
(click for larger photo)
View from the bay (near Steamer Wharf) in early spring
Queenstown, Sep 2005

Queenstown Gardens is the area of the trees in these photos. In autumn, the smaller trees along the lakefront are golden yellow and make a spectacular sight. I don’t have the digital photos (only in prints) but you can imagine the golden yellow colours against the bigger trees which are still dark green, against blue skies, blue Lake Wakatipu, and against the dark golden brown mountain range of The Remarkables, Cecil Peak and Walter Peak. A beautiful sight and that first trip in autumn made me fall in love with Queenstown!

If you are planning a vacation in New Zealand, do STOP and spend a few days in Queenstown to take in the beautiful scenery. Life just may not be the same again for you!

My New Zealand Vacation, Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, Pano93
(click for larger photo)
View from Steamer Wharf in early summer
Queenstown, Dec 2005
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