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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Queenstown, Adventure Capital of the World !

Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of the World. Besides spectacular scenery, being a great place for relaxation and honeymooners, this beautiful resort town is also the adrenalin capital offering lots of exciting adventures!

It is said that Queenstown got its name from being “fit for Queen Victoria”. How far back that was, I have no idea. Fit for a Queen..... for the rest of us, it definitely is a great place to be at. I have visited Queenstown more than 10 times and yet I am never tired of this place. I cannot describe it but this place has a special quality …. it energizes and makes me alive! It makes me want to live (beyond a mere drudgery existence)!

Queenstown buzzes across the 4 seasons. In summer and winter, the crowds converge upon this town. So secure your bookings (flight, car/coach, accommodation) in advance to minimize any upset to a good holiday. In autumn, things slow down a little yet it is still a good season to experience Queenstown’s autumn splendour. My first visit to New Zealand was in autumn and that vacation changed my life!

When it comes to adventure tourism, Queenstown is IT ! For land adventures, there are the two-legged varieties and you tramp from a few hours to few weeks (!!). For two-wheels, you mountain-bike and for four-wheels, you get 4-wheel drive adventures! Oh, I forgot, there are also other four legged varieties: You get horse-riding on Lord Of The Rings tours too!

In winter, the crowds descend on Queenstown for their winter adventures. With 4 main mountain ski fields within a radius of 100km, this white stuff is skiers’ paradise!

For water adventures, there is the leisurely cruise on Lake Wakatipu or the exciting jetboat rides on the rivers. If fish is your kind of adventure, then trout and salmon are your game.

For air adventures, the sky really is the limit! For something very mild, take the Skyline gondola and follow up with a more exciting luge ride down the hill (part of it only). For the moderate adventure, get on the scenic flights (helicopter or plane) with a snow landing. For the ultimate heart-thumping air adventure, throw yourself off Bob’s peak with your guide and paraglide down to Queenstown! Alternatively, choose an equally heart-thumping plunge over the Kawaura bridge, the original birthplace of bungee jumping and get your head dunked in the cold rushing waters of the mighty Kawaura river!

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Queenstown, Adventure Capital of the World, Aug 2006

If these adrenalin-surging activities are not your cup of tea, then head down to the vineyards for your glass of Pinot Noir. There are also lots of leisurely activities in Queenstown for your enjoyment!

Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of the World!
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