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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pacific Ocean Meets The Tasman Sea, Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga Lighthouse was built in 1941. In 1998, it became fully automated and there was no longer any need for lighthouse keepers. Today, it still serves its function as a lighthouse. It took 6 photos to compose below panorama. You can catch a glimpse of the giant sand dunes again on the bottom right corner. Cape Reinga is at the northern tip of North Island and Bluff (indicated on the yellow signpost) is at the southern end of South Island. Between them, a long journey and I traveled that distance in May-June 2006.

My New Zealand Vacation, Cape Reinga Lighthouse, Pano41
(click for larger photo)
Cape Reinga Lighthouse, May 2006

Off the cape, you can see where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea. This meeting of the seas produces very choppy waters. Do you see the two persons at the bottom right corner of the photo? Take note of their size and you can imagine how huge those white frothy waves are!

My New Zealand Vacation, Cape Reinga, Pano319
(click for larger photo)
Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea
Cape Reinga, May 2006
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